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Founded14 April 1927
FounderAssar Gabrielsson
Gustav Larson
HeadquartersGothenburg, Sweden
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Volvo is the world’s leading manufacturer of trucks, buses, automobiles, construction machinery, marine engines and industrial engines. The company was founded in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson, Gustav Larson in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Swedish car manufacturer was owned by Ford Motor Company in 1999 and became the subsidiary of Chinese car manufacturer Geely in 2010. Now, Volvo Cars is a car brand that produces luxury cars and SUVs.

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The symbol of Volvo is the ancient symbol of iron. Volvo symbol, chosen to describe the durability of steel used in cars, emphasizes the durability of Swedish steel. In the first Volvos, the diagonal strip was used, because there was no other way to mount the logo on the grille. And over time, the diagonal strip became the most recognizable feature of Volvo vehicles.

Volvo Logo (2006)

Volvo Logo HD (2006)
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The round and arrow in the Volvo logo symbolize the iron, one of the seven metals in the alchemy, and its strength. Volvo means “I roll” in Latin.

Volvo is one of the luxury car brands in the forefront today with its strength.

Volvo Symbol

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