Porsche Logo

Porsche Logo

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FounderFerdinand Porsche
HeadquartersStuttgart, Germany
SloganThere is no substitude.
OwnerVolkswagen Group
Official Web Sitewww.porsche.com/

German automobile maker Porsche which is founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart, manufactures sports cars, SUVs and sedans. Its first model was the Porsche 356, which came out in 1948. Ferdinand helped his son Ferry in designing the Porsche 356 and died in 1951.

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In 1963, they introduced the Porsche 911, which would have great success in car racing. It’s a 6-cylinder, rear-engined sports car, and has got great success in rallies.

Porsche manufactured tractor which is branded “Porsche Tractor” between 1950 and 1963; between 1987 and 1989 produced aircraft engines.

Porsche Logo History (1922-Present)

Porsche Logo History

Since 1952, the Porsche logo symbolizes Suebya nationalism. The black horse in the logo represents the horse in the emblem of Stuttgart, Germany. The deer horn and the red-black lines are quoted from the emblem of Germany’s Württemberg village.

Porsche Symbol

Porsche Emblem

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