Mercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes-Benz Logo

Mercedes-Benz Logo HD
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Founded28 June 1926
FounderKarl Benz
Gottlieb Daimler
HeadquartersStuttgart, Germany
SloganThe best or nothing
OwnerDaimler AG
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Mercedes-Benz Old Logo

Mercedes-Benz Logo HD
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Mercedes Logo HD. Mercedes-Benz is an automotive brand founded by the merging of Karl Benz’s company “Benz & Cie.” and Gottlieb Daimler’s company “Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft” in 1926. It was established in Stuttgart, Germany.

Karl Benz, the founder of the company, put a star emblem on the top of the house with views of “Koln” and “Deutz” in the first years of his duty at the engine factory in Deutz. Karl Benz in a letter to his wife said that “This star will represent power and success and it will shine on the factory.”

Mercedes-Benz Logo Evolution

Mercedes-Benz Logo Evolution - History

In 1916, Mercedes emblem‘s star was surrounded by a circle where four small stars and a “Mercedes” name.

Mercedes is a name widely used in Spanish-speaking countries. The word is also the Spanish name of the planet Mars. It also means favor and grace. “Mercedes” was registered as the brand name on June 23, 1902.

Mercedes uses the metallic silver color in logos. The reason for their use of metallic silver color in the Mercedes brand is that they think metallic silver represents the color of the elite.

Mercedes-Benz Symbol

Mercedes-Benz Star

Mercedes-Benz Emblem

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